Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Web Design and Hosting at ITWWW

AT ITWWW we offer you a variety of packages to suit your style and budget, with hosting from as little as R29.00 per month. Domain registration and 5 email addresses per domain. We offer local domains (.co.za) as well as international domain registration (.com)

Personalised domain for email hosting includes:
 Spam filter 
 Daily email backup service Blacklist / Whitelist service
 Spam bucket
 Spam threshold
 Customizing how you send an email e.g whether you want to show the Cc or Bcc header field
 Creating your own filtering rules to organize your incoming mail, sort it into folders and

 delete spam
 Setting preferences for what happens when you move and delete messages
 Controlling when new mail will be checked for, and whether or not to notify you when it arrives
 Configuring how your messages are displayed.

We also design and host a number of different websites including e-commerce,
Content Manager:

We will design a database to enable you to customize your website online. 
With this facility you can easily create new entries, delete entries and update entries on a
regular basis.
The content manager includes 1-5 pages text and graphics update interface together with
login management.
Onsite training is also part of our package!!

Online ordering:

This facility enables online clients to purchase any one or more products from your website. 
This is achieved by adding the selected products to the basket.
The shopping basket includes 50 products, 32 templates, login management,
 exchange rate management, price management and product management.
Onsite training is also part of our package!!.
Note that unlimited products may be loaded by clients.

Credit Card Payment 
Credit Card Payment Gateway setup charges are available on request and a 12 month 
contract is required by Service provider.

And lastly, but also most importantly - we can offer you SEO. A way of promoting your website by modifying it to get a higher ranking in the google search results.

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